Do You Need to Switch From Traditional Farming to Digital Agriculture With Fleet Management Software

Do You Need to Switch From Traditional Farming to Digital Agriculture With Fleet Management Software

The UN predicts the world population to rise from the current 7.9 billion to 9.8 billion by the year 2050.

The more the people, the more the pressure on the agricultural industry to produce larger quantums of food. Traditional farming systems cannot suffice growing demands without aid from agricultural robotics.

Agricultural robotics itself is on its way to reach a $75 billion revenue value by 2024.

Digital fleet management is the stepping stone to an automated agricultural system. Agricultural fleet management can also be steadily developed into smart farming.

Pain Points of Traditional Farming Fleet Management

Complete digitalization of the agricultural industry begins with software-aided fleet management. The major pain points of the industry speak for themselves

  • Time-Consuming Land Planning: Traditional farmers have to manually supervise each land and keep a record of tilled land. However, this planning can be significantly slashed with a fleet management software that stores data history for tilling and cultivation for each area in a farm.
  • Resource Optimization: Climate change has led to a global lack of water — a primary resource for harvesting. Farmers struggle to allocate such important and perishable resources to reduce wastage. Software, on the other hand, can help farmers keep track of the smallest units of resources and use them wisely.
  • Urbanization and Aging Workforce: Urbanization and brain drain has led to most youth opting for more promising occupations over farming. Therefore, the average farmers’ age is increasing. Aging workforce requires digitization that will reduce manual work and planning, leaving only knowledge utilization to humans.
  • Uncertainty: Farming depends on several external factors that need historical data analysis. Software fleet management allows farmers to review their harvest and fleet operations data for up to a year or more to remove most uncertainty.

Why Digitized Agriculture is the Future

While traditional farming has been long-standing, it needs to change with changing times. Here are a few ways agricultural fleet management can help:

  • Tilling Planning: Farmers can keep track of where their vehicle has tilled the land and when it did so. Therefore, farmers’ guesswork is thrown out of the window.
  • Livestock Management: Farmers can track their assets and livestock to avoid losses. Every time their assets move out of their geofenced area, they’d be automatically alerted for easy retrieval through GPS tracking data.
  • Supply Chain Optimization: Digital route planning and yield planning allows farmers to minimize waste and maximize productivity both on and off field. Crops are cultivated and supplied in an informed manner.
  • Smart Resource Planning: Just as fuel monitoring for the trucking industry, agricultural fleet management software can help track water and pesticide consumption on a farm.
  • Insightful Farming: Historical data such as tilling intervals, resource use, and yields allows farmers to get a clearer picture of what works and what doesn’t on this farm. This data can help in future harvest planning.

Tech for a Better Cheque

When technology is evolving, aids such as GPS, Machine Learning, Internet of Things, and self-driving technology enhances the farming experience. Innovation will lead to higher productivity, resource optimization, and ecology-centered farming.

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TrackoBit is the fastest-growing GPS Tracking software company in India for Fleet.

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TrackoBit is the fastest-growing GPS Tracking software company in India for Fleet.

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