Does Your Logistics Business Need Video Telematics?

Contrary to popular belief, video telematics has been around for a while. However, only recently have fleet management systems started using it to skyrocket fleet functions and profits.

Are you wondering if adding an extra layer of hardware and software integration would benefit your organization? Let’s find out in this article!

But First, What Is Video Telematics?

Do you see how your odometer, tire pressure monitor, and cabin thermometer track readings from your vehicles? Do you use these readings for the betterment of your fleet? That is exactly what video telematics is. The only difference is that instead of sensors, it uses several cameras to collect and analyze data.

Video telematics system can integrate dashcams, driver-facing cameras, rear-facing cams, and even side cams with your fleet management software. With connectivity to diagnostic ports, the Internet, and the software you use, these cameras share information with fleet managers for operational use.

Why Use Video Telematics?

Yes, video telematics has more than one purpose. Let’s see what all it can do to improve your fleet management system!

  • Driver Behavior Analysis: If you use drive-facing cams in your vehicles, you can see if drivers are attentive or not. Moreover, they allow you to get a comprehensive report of how well your drivers perform while on duty, allowing better supervision.
  • Driver Safety: In case of emergency, managers can look at camera footage. Therefore, if issues such as vehicle hijacking or theft occur, managers can take the right steps at the right time to prevent major issues.
  • ADAS: A synthesis of side, rear, front, and driver-facing cameras aid driving in tricky situations. Drivers get a 3600 view of the vehicle’s surroundings and can prevent crashes.
  • Insurance Claims: Video telematics plays a vital role in the post-crash analysis phase. Not only do cameras feed pre-crash vehicle conditions, but also allow managers and agents to see who exactly was at fault during a collision.
  • Driver Retention and Training: Managers can see drivers’ movements and use this information to offer constructive feedback. Both retention and criticism are better when drivers get performance-based instead of outcome-based feedback.

Does Your Organization Need It?

You can only avoid video telematics if you run a small organization that can be lax with routine operational costs.

Do you already use some fleet management or telematics software that doesn’t offer video telematics? If you’re looking to increase driver safety and better driver behavior, it’s time for you to switch! Book a demo with TrackoBit to get the most out of your fleet from the best in India!




TrackoBit is the fastest-growing GPS Tracking software company in India for Fleet.

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TrackoBit is the fastest-growing GPS Tracking software company in India for Fleet.

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