Getting a 360° View of Your Vehicles With Fleet Management Software

We believe the primary purpose of using a fleet management software system is to get the most visibility of your fleet. With resource optimization and efficiency boosting being the cherry on top, it is the ability to keep in touch with your vehicles in all senses that makes fleet management software systems special.

Are you wondering if by visibility, we only mean the whereabouts of a vehicle? Well, you’d be surprised how much more fleet management can keep track of! So, in this article, we will talk about vehicle visibility and how you can achieve a 360o view of your fleet through TrackoBit, India’s fastest growing telematics software!

What Does Complete Vehicle Visibility Mean?

When we think about complete vehicle visibility, the following things come to mind:

  • The vehicle’s live location
  • Engine health and performance
  • Resource consumption and utilization
  • The distance and time traveled by your vehicle
  • Complete running status history
  • The vehicle’s total travel summary
  • Information collected by the sensors installed
  • When the vehicle was logged and its logging details
  • Geofences the vehicle has covered

And the list can go on!

That’s a lot of things to keep track of, right? Are you already wondering how you can possibly keep all of that in check? Well, you’re not the only one, we’re wondering the same for you. But don’t worry! This article will tell you how exactly a fleet management software system will help you manage all these things without you having to do anything manually!

Why Do You Need Total Visibility Through Fleet Management Software?

Well, for starters, you cannot possibly manage something you do not have complete information about! Let us walk you through some reasons why the more you know about your fleet, the better!

  • Your fleet will become a well-oiled machine that is completely in your control
  • You will be able to overlook into the nitty-gritty of your fleet without looking into loads of paperwork to figure out a vehicle’s performance
  • With more insight on how your fleet functions, you can manage your fleet economy
  • The more you understand your fleet, the better you will be able to recognize its pain points and hence, strategize for better business.

Reports Offered by TrackoBit for Vehicle Visibility

Yes, the first thing a GPS tracking software does to improve vehicle visibility is to keep live tabs on them through GPS systems. However, the more important thing to focus on here is the rest of the invisible parts of the vehicle that need visibility.

The best way to gain this visibility is through generating insightful reports that will really help you connect with and understand your fleet. TrackoBit allows you to better manage your vehicles with the following reports generated within the fleet management software:

  • Distance Report: This report will take each vehicle from your fleet and calculate the total distance it has covered over any period of time you choose.
  • Status Report: With status reports, you can get a comprehensive look into your vehicle’s running status over any period of time. This status includes ignition on and off, AC on and off, overspeeding, and reachability.
  • Travel Summary Report: This report will help you see on a map where your vehicle has been at any day and time of your choosing. This way, you can retrace your vehicle’s entire presence whenever you want.
  • Stoppage Summary Report: Need to know if and when consignment was delivered to your customers? The stoppage summary report will give you a complete understanding on when and how a vehicle stopped along its trip. It also shows things such as total idle time, running time, and number and places of stops.
  • Sensor Reports: No matter what sensor you have integrated with the software, here you can see all the data they have collected. From SOS alarms, cabin temperature, battery disconnect, and immobilization, you get information for it all!
  • Speed V/s Distance Report: This report will see what your vehicle’s speed has been in comparison to the distance it traveled. This gives you a good idea of which vehicle is being driven to the best or worst of its capabilities.
  • Vehicle Log Report: This report keeps track of when a vehicle was logged into the software, what it’s SIM and IMEI number is. It also gives a comprehensive detail of what the software subscription looks like for that particular detail. It may also have details such as dedicated drivers and trips.
  • Geofence Report: If you have set alarms for geofences along the way, this report will help you get an idea of when your vehicle enters and exits those geofences. This report will also give you a detailed understanding of how long the vehicle was in the geofence, something that can also be used as a proof of delivery.

Sign Up For a Demo Now!

Now that you have a better understanding of how better fleet visibility can do for your business, don’t you want to know what insightful reports can do for your business? If you like the idea of letting the software look into your fleet’s performance, you should definitely try using TrackoBit for your fleet management requirements.

Sign up for a demo on TrackoBit’s website now to get all the bite-sized information you will need to manage a profitable fleet!




TrackoBit is the fastest-growing GPS Tracking software company in India for Fleet.

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TrackoBit is the fastest-growing GPS Tracking software company in India for Fleet.

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