Reap the Benefits of White Label Route Planning Software

3 min readAug 26, 2021
Reap the Benefits of White Label Route Planning Software

Customer/Client satisfaction is the primary objective of business owners as it affects the bottom line of their business. White Label Route planning software can do wonders for your logistics business in that regard. We know how GPS Tracking solutions and fleet management software have reshaped the operations across industries, especially Logistics and Transport. Route Management solutions are an add on to Telematics technology.

In today’s article, we are sharing seven essential benefits that white label route planning software offers.

1. Settle for the most Cost-effective Route

Route management software equips you to plan trips on the fastest routes that offer less congestion. It helps you decide on the one that not only saves you time but also fuel. Route planning ensures lesser fuel consumption and better performance. You get to set the sequence of the delivery halts. Businesses have saved up to 17% of overall fleet costs with route optimization.

2. Get Automatic Route Deviation Alert

When the driver deviates from the assigned route, you receive an instant alert. Now, you do not have to sit in front of the screen attentively to track the movement of the vehicle carrying a million-dollar consignment. Rest assured any violation in the planned trip will not go unnoticed. It also helps you in making informed decisions, for example — if a driver deviates from the route very often, then it calls for strict actions.

3. Get Dynamic ETA and POD

Get the real-time ETA of the vehicle without being dependent on drivers. Monitor the live location of vehicles. You receive alerts in case the vehicle is running behind/before the expected ETA. You may share it with your clients too. You receive Proof of delivery in the form of automatic alerts, OTP and digital signatures.

4. Fetch Actionable Insights

Fresh data is relayed from the device every second that the software processes and presents in near real-time. Do not rely on drivers for the whereabouts of the vehicle. With real-time data in hand and detailed reports and insights, you are well equipped to make quick and better decisions.

5. Reduced Downtime

Frequent breakdown of vehicles can hamper the efficiency of the fleet. Automatic alerts save you time and reduce downtime in case of an emergency. You receive alerts in case of over idling, overspeeding and rash driving. This way, you reduce the chances of any mishappening. Anyway, real-time visibility helps you take control of your fleet and ensure everybody sticks to the plan.

6. Maximum Utilization of Vehicle

Trip managers must consider delivery stops, the amount of load and the combination of vehicles to ensure maximum utilization of vehicles. Instead of assigning the same route to two mid-capacity trucks not loaded to their maximum capacity at an interval of 20 minutes, might as well hire one bigger truck to do the job. It’ll save you fuel, time and resources.

7. Improved Route Density

Better route density ensures better fleet performance. With route management software and route optimization solutions, you can make more deliveries in lesser time. Automation and AI help you set the best possible permutation-combination of route, time and deliveries to sketch flawless route plans.




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